Canal View Primary School P6 Toxins Group

Charlie McNeill, Cayden Munro, Samuel Okunade, Abbie Shennan, Eboni McFarlane, Jordan Williamson, Laurie Ludlam, Demmi Rowley, Mohammed Kuri, Victor Kokoszka, Leni Beveridge

The Toxic Orchestra with Dr Clare Taylor
  • BORN 2007
  • RESIDENCE Wester Hailes, Edinburgh, Scotland
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Title: The Toxic Orchestra
Written in: 2017
Performed by: Canal View Primary School P6 Toxins Group

The composers wrote this piece after being introduced to the work of Dr Pam Cameron and to the instruments of the orchestra. Cameron likened the way that cells work to how an orchestra plays together – each contributing in exactly the right way at the right time to create a beautiful whole! Here this beauty is disturbed by a bacterium – Escherichia coli – which attacks the Kidneys of the Orchestra – the Percussion Section!