Canal View Primary School

P6 Physics Group: Luke Reid, Mohamed Abbaro, Imaad Uddin, Henry Rawalai, Josh Lockie, Nikola Makowska, Abby-leigh Radcliffe, Tammy Lothian, Bryan Ruiz Mendoza, Tebyan Bashri

P6 Veterinary Group: Kieara Watt, Caitlin Innes, Ellie Girdwood, Baillie Rowley, Heloisa Angelo Evangelista, Calum Porteous, Brandon Amos, Oliwier Zak, Lewis Falconer, Ilva Ogste, Ethan Oxley, Damian Johnstone

P6 Toxins Group: Charlie McNeill, Cayden Munro, Samuel Okunade, Abbie Shennan, Eboni McFarlane, Jordan Williamson, Laurie Ludlam, Demmi Rowley, Mohammed Kuri, Victor Kokoszka, Leni Beveridge

Canal View Primary School

Image: Canal View Primary School P6 Physics Group

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Title: Physics is for me
Written in: 2017
Performed by: Canal View Primary School P6 Physics Group

Marion Ross was the focus for this group during their Minerva Scientifica workshops. Her story – told to them by Catherine Booth from the National Library of Scotland – inspired them to think of all the amazing things in the world that they would like to investigate – just as she did. They start by sharing her musical and scientific background and then you’ll hear what they want to know!

Title: The Vet’s Song
Written in: 2017
Performed by: Canal View Primary School P6 Veterinary Group

This song was written as a result of an interview which took place with Edinburgh Napier Principle, Andrea Nolan, conducted by the director of Minerva Scientifica, Frances M Lynch. Her fascinating story was relayed to the young composers in a series of science and music workshops at their school and they came up with this song which links her work to their own pets. They premiered the piece at the Sighthill Campus of Napier on June 20th 2017.

Title: The Toxic Orchestra
Written in: 2017
Performed by: Canal View Primary School P6 Toxins Group

The composers wrote this piece after being introduced to the work of Dr Pam Cameron and to the instruments of the orchestra. Cameron likened the way that cells work to how an orchestra plays together – each contributing in exactly the right way at the right time to create a beautiful whole! Here this beauty is disturbed by a bacterium – Escherichia coli – which attacks the Kidneys of the Orchestra – the Percussion Section!