Errol Primary School

Composers and Singers

Some of the Errol P7 Echoes from Perthshire Crew

  • CLASS P7
  • SCHOOL Errol, Perthshire, Scotland
  • HONOURS When we were P3 the whole class won The Spirit of Glee Trophy!!! – it means we are amazing
  • MINERVA SCIENTIFICA PROJECT Echoes from Perthshire Oct – Nov 2019

Scientific Connections

On our Minerva Scientifica project we learnt

  • ..about over 200 women scientists
  • The Physics of Sound Song
  • Decibels are loud!
  • Mycology means you study mushrooms
  • Victoria Drummond was a marine Engineer
  • ..about Beatrix Potter that she studied mushrooms and Victoria Drummond that she was a marine Engineer
  • ….that there are different types of Engineers
  • Maths is the science of numbers and fractions
  • I don’t know much about science but I have learnt a lot more and I have a better understanding

Getting to grips with some tricky actions in the Physics of Sound song


Title: Victoria Drummond – The Hero of Errol
Composed by: P7, Errol Primary School
Written in: November 2019
Arranged by: Frances M Lynch & Herbie Clarke
For: voices & guitar
Performed by: the composers & Herbie Clarke (guitar)
First Performed: Errol Primary School, Perthshire, November 13th 2019 as part of ECHOES FROM PERTHSHIRE by ELECTRIC VOICE THEATRE

This unique, quirky and quite brilliant song tells the extraordinary story of Marine Engineer VICTORIA DRUMMOND who was brought up in Megginch Castle in Errol (as shown in the picture). The children will tell you all about Victoria’s childhood, her willingness to always lend a helping hand, what it was like not to go to school, what she did on her holiday time, and the curiosity in her surroundings that led to her blazing career. She became a WW2 hero as a result of her uncanny ability to make ship engines go faster than they should!

The children split into 4 groups to make verses and contributed ideas for the chorus. They used their voices in a number of ways – singing, speaking, acting and making the sounds of the story.

You can find the lyrics on a PDF here

VERSE 1 – A Helping Hand

VERSE 2 – School




Lots of us sing and play instruments like drums, piano and guitar. We have music lessons with our class teacher and we do a show at school every 2 years. One of the girls was in a production of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and some go to Drama, Singing and Dance groups

Herbie adds guitar to our song about Victoria Drummond


Our class goes to high school next year so we are thinking about lots of things we could do, and about half of us are wondering about becoming scientists, one definitely will, another will be a singer, and 2 want to be composers with quite a lot more thinking about it! And we have a few who want to be quite different things, one in the footsteps of Errol’s own Engineer, Victoria Drummond:

  • I always wanted to be an engineer
  • I am more interested in the Army because of this project!
  • I love drawing and have always wanted to be an artist or animator
  • I want to maybe be a writer
  • My dream is to be an actor.

Warming up our voices

Musical Highlights

We performed “Echoes from Perthshire” at our school. The show had its own song, and we sang it!

Echoes from Perthshire
Engineers, doctors, scientists, composers
So many lived here, Some very near here
We can be just like them.
We hear their Echoes from Perthshire

Practising our Echoes from Perthshire song

Did You Know?

  • We said the 9 times table at the show
  • The Williamina Fleming song was funny!
  • We found it surprising that Margaret from the BBC came
  • There were dead animals in the classroom (Jordan brought them) – we saw dead rabbits
  • We met Bea – a climate change engineer and she was deaf and taught us some sign language.

Listening at the workshop

An Inspiring Woman


Frances song about Williamina Fleming was our stand out favourite we heard in the show  – because WILLIAMINA!!!!!

Our favourite song to sing was Victoria Drummond, the hero of Errol!!! Because we wrote it.


  • Victoria Drummond because she failed her exams a lot but didn’t give up
  • Beatrix Potter because she can draw well
  • Jean Valentine – she saved the war because she was a code breaker
  • We met Bea Webster who is a sustainable engineer. They wouldn’t let her be an engineer because she was deaf

Errol P7 Echoes from Perthshire Crew