Kira Ramchaitar-Husbands (Subsis)

Composer, Engineer & Sound Designer

A colour photograph of two women at a protest, holding up placards one of which says 'silence=violence'. The woman in the foreground (Kira) has dark short curly hair tied up in a ponytail, gold hoop earrings and a black face mask. She is wearing a black mesh top with bright red dragon patterns on. The photo is taken from behind the two women as they walk through the protest. The sky is blue and it is a sunny day.

Image kindly provided by Kira Ramchaitar-Husbands

Scientific Connections

I was approached to be a part of this project after working with Frances and the University of Sussex Science department for the Misfolding Science-Art Workshop, linking music with scientific research in the areas of Alzheimer’s and Dementia.


Title: Subsurface
Written: October 2021
For: audio visual presentation
Commissioned by: electric voice theatre
First performance: online as part of the electric voice theatre performance “Beatrix Potter’s Secret Kingdom” for FUNGUS DAY, Oct 2nd  2021

The piece was created with found sounds, Musique Concrete style editing/processing, FM synthesis and vocal manipulation – tied up with generative compositional techniques using Max MSP and Ableton Live. Musically, I was inspired by the works of Laurie Anderson, Shelly Knotts and Arca.

Centering the voice and eliciting the notion of ‘communication’ – I experimented with manipulating vowel formants (resonant frequencies of the voice) and exploring their musicality.

Within this piece I draw upon digital/post-human musical aesthetics, serving to highlight the ways environmental factors (digitalisation/globalisation etc.) can affect Mycorrhizal networks.

This was only made possible thanks to public funding from the National Lottery through Arts Council England and funding from The Granada Foundation and UK FUNGUS DAY

Title: Folding and Misfolding (1st draft)
Written in: May 2021
For: audio-visual presentation
First Performed: 2nd June 2021 for the ZOOM presentation following 2 days of the Misfolding Science-Art Workshop for the University of Sussex led by Frances M Lynch. A research project, employing music, theatre and digital arts to develop a public engagement performance that will make important developments in brain science and dementia research accessible to the public.

This Minimalist piece utilises a small selection of found sounds I recorded with distinctly organic timbres – gradually sculpted together and then dismantled using experimental digital processing such as feedback, delay and repetition. This serves to simulate the frightening biological mechanisms of misfolding proteins, with a deep sonorous note signifying the decline.

Musically, I was inspired by the works of Tim Hecker, Ryoji Ikeda and William Basinski.

In this piece, a sense of hope is conveyed in the dynamic release.


I have always been creative and passionate about music – how it’s made, shared and experienced.  However, my lack of access to classical training sessions eventually pushed me closer towards digital technology to actualise my ideas.

Upon completing my GCSE’s I then went on to study music production at Access to Music – alongside volunteering, temping and interning at various music industry roles throughout my education.

In 2021 I graduated from the University of Sussex with a 1st class BA in Music Technology, where I was exposed to the world of DIY electronics and creative programming!


Since 16, I have worked for temp agencies in London and Brighton, dipping my toes into roles such as a Brand Ambassador for Shelter, security for Greenwich Festival, Uni-hall Cleaner and a Film Extra for a Korean Pilates video to name a few!

Since graduating from University in 2021, I now work in the music industry as a Channel and Rights Management Assistant, whilst operating on a freelance basis as a Multidisciplinary Artist and Sound Engineer.

Musical Highlights

In my first industry role as a secondary school student intern, I set up THE cutest vintage Wurlitzer for one of my favourite artists, Eliza.

Did You Know?

I have always wanted to be a farmer and have worked at various city farms (as I was raised in central London) – once being chased by an Ostrich to the main road!

An Inspiring Woman

Lately, I have been most inspired by Carla Marie Williams, a Black-British songwriter and social entrepreneur who owns the platform “Girls I Rate”. On top of working with some big names such as Beyonce, Britney Spears and Sean Paul, her platform (of which I am a proud member ) helps young women to access all areas of the creative industry through providing safe spaces to network, mentoring and workshops!